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Arindam Dutta, Innossador, Innompics

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Arindam Dutta    

Innossador   Innoxpert

It is of paramount importance that in the changing global scenario the youth particularly have access to the global business. It is easier said than done. This fascinating project − Innompic Web Games − hopefully shall be the enabler. I too want to be a part of this process. 

PS: Tom Peters wrote a book Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age. It is so appropriate!



Arindam's professional activities are varied. He is a social entrepreneurs and the founder of the private business incubator Startup Facilitator at Calcutta, India. Arindam is also on the advisory board of Acara, a University of Minessotta, USA initiative that develops practical business solutions that address global societal and environmental challenges.

A first generation entrepreneur, Arindam started his entrepreneurial initiatives in 1972 with $20. During this journey there were times when he thought that the business would fold up. Arindam thinks an entrepreneur must dream and believe in himself. Never say, Die!!

Arindam Dutta is passionately involved in Innovation and Incubation for the past 12 years first as Advisor to Science & Technology Park at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur where he guided the institution for 5 years. From 2003 he is Advisor & CEO of two Incubation facilities in Kolkata, West Bengal India. In these 12 years he has mentored nearly 20 successful start ups in various fields whose combined turnover is $ 700,000.00. Many of these are non-IT organizations.

Arindam is now again backing his business. His interest areas are alive through his mentoring initiatives as a consultant. In 201I one of his teams won the EMTEC social entrepreneur of the year challenge and the other won the Texas A&M-Lockheed Martin Challenge.

Arindam has written a book on his entrepreneurship journey.

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