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Ann Shin  

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Ann is the Founder & CEO of the California-based

− a free online reward based fundraising and marketing platform

that uses social media as a powerful tool.


Sayings by Ann Shin

I didn't come to Earth so that when I die I can go to Heaven (that's kind of an oxymoron); I came to Earth so that I can bring Heaven to Earth.

The biggest joy in my life is being able to take care of people that I love and at the same time contribute "significantly" to this society.

I'm so passionately hopelessly in love with my job! I think the definition of workaholic is that you can't wait till the weekend is over so you can start working again.

Everything I do and the reason I do what I do is toward one and only one goal: "FREEDOM." (To me a life without freedom is a life without soul.)

Wealth cannot buy happiness, neither can poverty. In order to experience true freedom in happiness, happiness has to be an independent entity not tied to anything else.

Negative thinking: "Things are happening to you." Positive thinking: "Things are happening through you."

Every time I feel depressed or frustrated, I just have to drive on the highway during rush hours, then I feel very grateful I don't have to do this everyday.

We're so programmed to think we need food, we need water, we need sleep, we need this we need that... to live. I believe we can generate all that we need from within. I believe when Jesus said: "I'm the bread of life and the living water..." He meant it literally. John 6:22-71. (Many yrs. ago I met a lady who has not eaten for 3 yrs., but you won't notice because she still leads a normal life − has a husband and 3 kids. I've met quite a few people who could fast for 40 days straight effortlessly.) I also believe "the Kingdom of Heaven is within us" Luke 17:21, is literal. All that we ever need is already in us.

True humility is not to think less of oneself, but to think less about oneself.

Anytime you stand up for the truth, there's always a handful who wants to ruin your reputation & bring you down. But still I'd choose protection of truth & freedom over reputation at a heart beat.

If we're going to conquer our opponents, we must first conquer our own fears.

Dinner Prayer: Food feast. I think I'm going to gain weight again. But Lord this time please help those extra lbs. be distributed to the right places. Thank You!