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Firoz Shroff    

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I am pleased to play the role of an Innossador in Canada. Innompic Games is a great tool that combines the physical and intellectual energy to allow the coming generation to create entrepreneurial value with social attributes.



Firoz Shroff is the Idea Sponsor and the Founder of the International Business Consortium Inc. and the Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc.

A successful businessman turned philanthropist and social entrepreneur with passion to create and develop self sustaining charitable and social models that will help charitable and non profit entities with assistance of his global team.

During his 40 years of global business experience he has been wearing many hats that of a businessman, Entrepreneur, Dealmaker, Valufacturer, and Social Wealth Originator. To his credit he has administered multi-billion dollar transactions with hands on approach to include syntactic and creative application to M&A, Corporate Structuring, Capital Market Arbitrage and Financial Derivatives.

In his career he has built number of organizations covering infrastructure, systems and applications to an operational process level and is actively involved in creatively setting up innovative implementation strategies.

After running several growing businesses and balancing this with periods of consultancy work, Firoz now concentrates on development based consultancy often working with CEO’s to help them look at what is required of the business and of them to make a significant impact on results. He is actively involved in the work of professional, cultural and charitable organizations. Mr. Shroff dedicates part of his time and talent to promote the Social Philanthropic and Entrepreneurship cause. He also assists social and business sectors to develop self-sustaining entities through collaboration of philanthropy and commerce through his proprietary Social Wealth Originating and Valufacturing Model.


Firoz Shroff Quotes

Wealth is when small efforts produce big socioeconomic results which we can share. Poverty is when big efforts produce small socioeconomic results with nothing to share.