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Sibusisiwe Saidi

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Definition of a Women's Beauty (DOWB)


2030 Forecast





Which customer needs and related businesses will fade out by 2030?

What new customer needs and related businesses will fade in by 2030?





Every women wants to be called beautiful, but so many standards have been set as to what beauty is and we are slowly seeing a change where beauty is not defined by a standard but a person loving themselves the way they are, and understanding that real beauty can be achieved through attitude, spirit, and other attributes that have nothing to do with physical appearance. By the year 2030 we will realize a fall in the amount of money spent on people trying to make themselves beautiful according to a standard set by a culture or a trend.


Perceptions surrounding a women’s beauty and body type not only vary by culture, but have evolved significantly throughout history. How do we determine what makes a person beautiful? Though it might seem like the standards of beauty we have today must be historically universal, really the opposite is true. The "perfect" female body and looks has greatly changed over the years.

A few examples:

▪ Ancient Egypt (c. 1292 – 1069 B.C.) In this era, the ideal woman is described as: slender, narrow shoulders, high waist, and symmetrical face.

▪ Ancient Greece (c. 500 – 300 B.C.) During this time period, the ideal woman was: Plump, full-bodied, light Skinned.

▪ Fast forward Postmodern Beauty (c. 2000s –) early 2000s beauty standards for women included: Flat Stomach, ‘Healthy’ Skinny, straight hair, large breasts + behind, plump lips.


We will see a fall in purchases hair products that straighten ladies hair as people begin to appreciate their natural hair. (Some of these have proven to make hair very weak and thin hence causing breakages).

The normal plastic surgery will become very unpopular as people realize that beauty is really how you feel not what another person, or Hollywood, or a female celebrity or culture may say it is.

People will not spend billions on cosmetics for example the skin lightening creams people have been pressured to buy which may have not so great side effects, or buy loads of make up just to make themselves beautiful according to a standard.


People have seen and realized what true beauty is where it emanates from. A new trend that allows people to love themselves as they are and be confident will set in. Advertisers will not only use the skinny girl with plump lips for a cover magazine or to advertise a product they will seek confidence, they will seek intelligence, they will seek more of who a person is rather than what they look like.

People will stop using the expensive cosmetics. The ugly truth is that these products may contain a lot of chemicals that can have damaging side-effects on your skin, hair and overall health. People will go back to the more natural products and herbs.

Fitness coaches will have more customers. Instead of taking slimming tablets people will work out, eat healthy, stay fit and know that it’s not the weight but more about being healthy.

People will learn to love themselves and once you love yourself the people around you will love you and appreciate you back.





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