4th World Innompic Games 2020

Showcase − online! − your entrepreneurial creativity and win your amazing future!



IG 2020

Semi-Finals (01.07 − 15.09)

Finals (01.10 − 30.10)

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IG 2020 Timeline

1st Jul − 15 Sep

15−30 Sep

1−31 Oct

1−10 Nov

Creation by Contestants





Assessment by Jury









In a challenging pandemic global situation, IG 2020 are conducted differently. We do everything online. Instead of 3 days, IG 2020 will run for 4 months in a lifestyle rhythm.

Deeper Geographical Coverage

Because of the pandemic, will conduct INNOMPIC GAMES 2020 online.
This created opportunity to identify and celebrate not just World champions, but also continental (Asia, Africa, Europe, CIS,...) and national (India, Kenya, Malaysia, Russia, USA, Zimbabwe...).


Participate in contests you like and have time for!


Both individuals and teams may participate in the contests.

Entrepreneurial creativity contests will be conducted partially at our retro-site fun4biz.




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for individuals or teams






First Impression

First Impression

Video: Introduce yourself in an impressive way in 30 sec






Creative Problem Solver

Business Design

Pandemic 2020: Find an Entrepreneurial Opportunity and Turn It To a Successful Startup

Use any Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success





Pandemic 2020: 3 Why? 2 What-If?

Select a problem area. Ask 'Why?' 3 times to find a root problem. Suggest 2 'What If?' ideas for solving the root problem





Synergy Master

Pandemic 2020: 3 Synergised Inventions

Select a problem area. Invent 3 creative solutions and synergise them.




Venture Architect

Business Design

Create a Business Design for a Narrated Entrepreneurial Success Story

Use any IG 2020 Success Story and Metaphoric Model

Jul − Sep


Creative Marketing

Market a Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success to ① Teacher and ② End Users

Use any IG 2020 Metaphoric Model

Aug − Oct


Witty Innovator


Invent a funny award for each of any 3 participants of IG 2020

Aug − Sep



New creative challenges will be published soon