1st Malaysia University Innompic Games

IPMA 2018

13-15 July 2018, Kolej Professional Mara Banting

Towards Innompic Games 2018

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Mini-Innompics at Singapore Air Show 2018

What's Next? (WNSA)

6-9 February 2018, Singapore


Russia's Belgorod region state-owned 'Development' corporation organised the first-in-Russia regional Innompic games. 4 university student teams participated.
The Big Challenge the teams were working on was 'How to make Belgorod region' a leading digital economy in the country.
Now Belgorod region is forming a team for participation in IG 2019. The team consists of members of the Belgorod 'Development' corporation and students who will build their skills at IG 2019, establish good international contacts and use these new capabilities to speed up innovation-powered growth of their region as a whole as well as specific innovation projects.


Big Challenge

How to turn Belgorod region into a leading digital economy in Russia.


 At Russia 1st regional Innompic Games teams were inventing strategies aiming to make the Belgorod region a leading digital economy in the country.