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Arsen Sargsyan


Arsen Sargsyan    

Innossador   Innoxpert

I'm sure this Vadim's  new project is something very exciting and boosting as everything he initiate in his life. It might be a good chance for every start-up to show, test and prove his ideas while "fighting" for it in this virtual game, so everybody will benefit win-win and will be able to think better and deeper, entering business world. Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to see you all here.


Time will come (by the way, very soon) when all negative energies will disappear and humans will enter into Golden Age completely purified, modernized and "renovated" to attain brand new energies and consciousness. The Innompic movement makes this New Era closer to us.



Arsen is mostly self-made Business Person, starting from Economical Transition beginning times back in 1990, still in Soviet times, when he established first Joint Stock Company in Armenia. He have made a Business Consultantís career, gaining 21 years experience as a Business Entrepreneur and Consultant in Armenia and abroad. He has over 15 years of experience in Financial, International Investment and Banking advisory services and has a large network of contacts worldwide, assisting to many businesses locally and internationally in foreign investment attraction, project funding and business plan development area. His main dream and hard work directed towards civilized investment mechanisms implementation in Armenia and first local Equity Investment Fund establishment.

He is customer and high quality focused seasoned Business Consultant, providing the strategic vision and leadership that drive operational process, productivity, efficiency and bottom-line improvements at organizations. Extensive knowledge in combining planning with tactical execution to optimize long-term gains in performance, revenues and profitability, especially when it comes to business development and foreign investment procurement for start-ups/seeding and I, II stage expansion helps him to advise effectively and drive any innovative idea to success.

Arsen is known locally as a seasoned Business Trainer, having 8 years of different trainings designing and conducting.

He holds diploma in Engineering and British Certificate in Management Consulting, being full member of Institute of Management Consulting of Armenia and affiliate member of Institute of Consulting, UK (part of CMI).