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about the value of Innompic Games and the key traits their participants


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Innompics is your gate to the planet of loving creators.  >>>



 We love Olympic Games!

But, as you may noticed, the World has changed a little bit during the last 3,000 years.


Today’s World is driven by creative, innovative and entrepreneurial people.

It needs new intellectual, all-inclusive Games.


Olympic Games are for athletes,
Innompic Games are for innovators
– people who change the World!

Vadim Kotelnikov: Give innovative entrepreneurs INNOMPIC GAMES, and you'll feed all of them for centuries ahead.




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Innompics vs Olympics - Innompic Games vs Olympic Games

Vadim Kotelnikov Innompics creator

Sports are great, but the modern world is led by innovators.

Olympics are for athletes. Innompics are for World changers.

Dream big dreams, commit to your true passion,

and you will learn to fly!


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Internet-powered Innompics will showcase entrepreneurial creativity of the smartest innovators, engage millions of spectators in special contests, and encourage innovation globally!

Empower yourself to change the World!

You were born to make a difference!


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Innompic Games help both innovation teams and individual innovators to showcase their entrepreneurial creativity.
The best innovators will be rewarded for life and beyond!

Disruption is about rejecting the way things used to be,
envisioning a brighter future, trusting your intuition and taking that first risky step towards creating radically innovative value.


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Key to Success: Be Remarkable and Rememberable, Vadim Kotelnikov

What differentiates Innompics from Olypmics is that Innompics create a lot of opportunities to grow and shine for spectators through their engagement in various contests. Internet spectators can both learn the art of innovation, showcase their talents and win special prizes.

Innompic Games help all involved ‒ participating teams, their individual players, internet spectators, innossadors, winners, judges, volunteers, organizers, sponsors, partners become famous.


Innompics Fun4Biz vs Facebook Google+

Innovators succeed by breaking rules vs managers Vadim Kotelnikov

Innompics and Fun4Biz are next-generation two-dimensional social networks. While other networks focus on helping people communicate, Innompics and Fun4Biz help people both communicate and grow.

Leaders create news, followers watch news.

Which role do you prefer?



 I know that a single person can change the World.

I'm doing so since 2001 >>  Business e-Coach  >> See Thank-You messages from all over the World.

In today's Internet age everyone is empowered to make a huge difference.

I'm happy, that I'm not alone on the Innompic crusade any longer
‒ Innompics started growing into an international private-public partnership.


We're on a Mission and welcome Mission-mates!

Innompic Games are a civilizational breakthrough
that cannot wait any longer!

Innompics will make huge positive global impact for centuries ahead!

Innompic Games are to help people, organizations and countries to unlock their unlimited capabilities for innovation by
establishing an inspirational entrepreneurial creativity contest and learning platform for both participating teams and spectators, and by
creating next-wave opportunities for innopreneurs throughout the World.


"Vadim − Thank you......your energy is contagious!" ~ Firoz Shroff