Pandemic 2020 Challenge




Many businesses, especially SMEs, went bankrupt. Many people lost their jobs. Many offices, airports, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, schools, universities are closed.

Governments in many countries imposed a quarantine which, in turn, caused an economic, educational and social collapse.

1. Why did many governments ordered closure of public places including educational institutions, cinema halls and malls?

Because people are more likely to catch and spread the virus in public places.

2. Why don't the authrorities disinfect public places instead of closing them?

Because the agents they use are not capable to turn public places virus free.

3. Why don't authorities use more effective agents that are capable to turn public places virus free?

Because the authorities buy solutions from suppliers registered with them only.

1. What If

Virus Free public place

What if authorities look wider and discover that a nanotechnology has been developed in Asia, a harmless spray that kills all viruses in a public place for as long as 3 months? This nanotechnology is patented, the product exported to many countries, including USA, and applied in some presidential offices.

2. What If

Virus Resistant human body

What if authorities look wider and discover that a EO Silver ion technology has been developed and patented in Eastern Europe. Harmless EO Silver ions kill most viruses in a public place and makes the human body virus-resistant for several hours within a second.





Mark given by Jury: 8.08