Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

World peace, harmony and wellbeing come naturally when every individual loves the whole world and all living creatures.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Loving Creator Vadim Kotelnikov

Fiil your life with love, Innompic Planet of Loving Creators, Dennis Kotelnikov, Kseniya Kotelnikova, Magomed Gamzatov

Ksenia Kotelnikova, eye, Ксюша Котельникова, хитрый глаз

Always do your best − wonderful rewards will follow.

Ksenia Kotelnikova


Денис Котельников Инномпийские игры Dennis Kotelnikov Innompic Games

Take care of your dear ones − they are the true treasure of your life.

Dennis Kotelnikov


Magomed Gamzatov, Russia

I am not going to waste my life as an employee − I'll do what I love to do.

Magomed Gamzatov


Vladimir Fesenko, Innompic Judge, 1st Innompic Games

It was really amazing to experience the friendly Innompic Mind-Games constructive competition and creation show.

Vladimir Fesenko


Elena Chiurina, Russia, Innompic Games Jury

Cultural beauty of participants from various countries is showcased at Innompic Games better than anywhere else.



Ruslan Shabatura, Russia

Happiness is what you create inside yourself.

Ruslan Shabatura


Olga Shabatura, Russia

You never know when and where you get lucky.

Olga Shabatura


Irina Kulikova

I realised how important it is to be passionate, inspiring and energised when you make a venture presentation.



Marina Vorobyeva

Discover your talents, follow your dreams, and
never give up!

Marina Vorobyeva


Nikolay Kapranov, Russia, startup adviser, Jury, innovation guru, Innompic Games

Diversity is the Wealth.

Nikolay Kapranov





Innompic Games were invented in Russia,
launched in India and cheered globally

All the key components of Innompic Contests, especially Innovation Football have been successfully applied to diverse businesses

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