3-in-1 Family Theatre



The Problem

During the pandemic, parents and children, especially in cities, were locked in apartments.

The Opportunity

Family's creativity with home theater and a virtual show online for other children and their parents.

Olga Shabatura's original theater "TReATR" is a synthesis of the mechanical theater of Geron, puppet theater, shadow theater and theater of actors-storytellers, whose play in the foreground makes the theater itself a decoration. Three theaters in one performance. The plays played combine a small number of characters and many actions with the possibility of puppet and shadow theater, actors-storytellers. The game with Treatr provides an opportunity for new games in small (room) spaces.

The TReATR device has two modes: manual and automatic, so that the actions are performed in a strict sequence, the scenery, light and music change each other at the right moments. This process combined with video recording of the performance and a projector for projection on the wall.

The Advantages

Any audience from family members to viewers all over the world. Each player in TREATR can be an actor-an artist of the new synthetic art.

Diversified revenue model

Selling a device, subscribing to new plays, online advertising, product placement, and online training for storytelling actors on how to play.

Casting without borders

International TReATr fan clubs can be created.





Rating by Jury: 7.8



Author of the Idea

Design Engineer


Olga Shabatura, Russia

Ruslan Shabatura, Russia

Elena Churina, Churina

Olga Shabatura

Ruslan Shabatura

Elena Churina