Pandemic paralysed traditional theatres, wounded heavily all and killed many of them


Pandemic-resistant theatre: virtual shows by actors as a new branch of performances.


Expanded audience. Better spectators' feedback.

Diversified revenue model: tickets, subscriptions, online ads, product placement, online academy for actors.

An affordable platform for helping young actors grow: free VIRTH shows by young actors.

National and international amateur VIRTHs for kid actors can be established that would also make the World better both instantly and strategically.

VIRTH-tailored Scripts

VIRTH shows will require existing scripts to be adapted to VIRTH performance. Tech-savvy authors of new scripts for VIRTH will keep introducing new forms of VIRTH performance and thus will also become designers of this new art.

Casting With No Borders

All-nation and international VIRTHs can be formed.





Rating by Jury: 8