JMLS 4-in-1 Multi-Hat for Peter Chikumba

Muti-Hatted Leader, joke gift by Dennis Kotelnikov for Peter Chikumba

Peter Chikumba is the most multi-hatted Innompian 2020. He wears 4 hats: J hat − Jury member, M hat − Mentor of Zimbabwe VLC team, L hat − Leader of Zimbabwe Chikumbas family team, S hat − Solo contestant.

These four hats of Peter need to be visible to the World, hence here is my joke gift for him − JMLS 4-in-1 Multi-Hat.

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Entrepreneurial Turtle Shirt for Umie Irdina

Joke gift funny gift Act slowly to fail surely t-shirt by Dennis Kotelnikov for Umie Irdina

Umie Irdina's message to the World is "Slowly, but surely".

Any turtle but an entrepreneurial one would vote for this message with all her legs. For an entrepreneurial turtle, however, the message should be more specific. Hence, here is my joke gift for Umie: a Entrepreneurial Turtle shirt with the turtle saying, "Act slowly to fail surely".

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