Text-Image Synergy

In a messageful image the emphasis is on the message that is created by synergizing a verbal message with a matching visual image.

Eye-Opening Combination

The verbal message is short. One impactful sentence is the best.

The image enhances the impact of the verbal message remarkably by adding a new eye-opening dimension to it.


Messageful Image The address of your happiness is www.your.mind Vadim Kotelnikov





Messageful Images by IG 2021 participants

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Take care of your dear ones quote messageful image Denis Kotelnikov Russia Mister Innovation World


Surprise gift quotes keep relationships young messageful image Kseniya Kotelnikova Russia Miss Innovation World




Messageful image contest World Innompic Games 2021 the entire Universe is yours quote Igor Tolstyko Russia


Life roots and fruits quotes - Messageful image Magomed Gamzatov Russia




Perfect life quotes tune into opportunities Sharon Goodwyn


Messageful Image - Life Advice by Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan: stand up, grow, bloom like the Shapdragon flower




The goal of science is to understand the beauty of Thrth. The goal of Art is to understand the true Beauty. Michael Zelin


Be your true self yacht Andrey Fedorov, France




Best life advice, positive mindset quotes: Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive. Pepper Lee, the Philippines


How to compose a beautiful music think about your dearest dream. Sofia Belova Russian girl, 6 y.o child




Ginga Emile Ande, Cameroon, Africa inspirational teacher, generational curses


Love Yourself quotes, Messageful Image, Ruby Tran, Vietnam girl, Before you fall in love with some one else, fall in love with yourself.



  Live is short - teach kids to live with speed. Messageful Image, Russia, Alex Besedin, Innompic Games      

Old Young Life blossoms at 82 messageful image Dmitry Kuzin Russia



Messageful Image a human being was born to fly Kyrill Ivanov


Messageful Image Challenge yourself if you want to achieve something great Rajendra Jagdale



Storms come to clear the Way. Russian Grandpas team, Innompoc Games 2021, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes







 Messageful Image award winner certificate Avipsa Basak, India   Messageful Image award winner certifcate Dennis Kotelnikov, Russia Денис Котельников лауреат международной премии