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of Creative Challenges

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My Dream Job

Half-page Essay

 Describe your dream job




Messageful Image

 Send a message to the World through a creative messageful image




Design Your Own Social System

Half-page Essay

 Answer the question
"If you were to create your own social system, what would you do...?"

Suggested focus areas

Talent Incubation; Leveraged Diversity; Knowledge-Sharing & Collaboration; Learning & Intellectual Cross-pollination, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Health & Wellbeing

You may also choose any other theme you are passionate about.




Entrepreneurial Serendipity

Half-page Essay

A serendipitous discovery is a frequent starting point of a successful enterprise.

Discover an entrepreneurial opportunity in any of the 10 images provided and design your entrepreneurial response.




Different Market for the Same Product

Half-page Essay

Take any well-known product, find a new − quite different − application of it and design a marketing strategy for this new application.




Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story

Take your new product / service invented during the 'Entrepreneurial Serendipity' contest and design a customer experience journey as a love story.





You may address all five creative challenges or any of them.

The more creative challenges you address the more you benefit.

The only condition
is that the creative challenge #6

Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story

should use as a starting point the invention you came up with while addressing creative challenges #4 or #5

 ④ Entrepreneurial Serendipity

Different Market for the Same Product




All the best!