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Formulating Guiding Principles


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Provided by Organizers Selection by Teams
3 global problems to be solved Choose any one
6 desired consumer values May remove up to 3, if any
6 desired product attributes May remove up to 3, if any
6 desired product features May remove up to 3, if any


KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Using KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools is not a must, but innovators may wish to use  them to streamline the thinking process and product presentation.


How Tp Invent a New Product - love customers, create, Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis

All Innompic contests are to help both contestants and spectators
develop entrepreneurial creativity and capabilities for market-focused innovation.


 For a given Product or a New Business


Create a Brand Name

Create an Advertizing Slogan

Brand Name - how to create, remarkable, sinple, short

Great Slogan - how to create, 7 features, WOW principle


Advertising Slogan  >>  Examples   



Using a given Set of Objects / Challenges


Invent a New Product

Invent a New Service

Inventive Thinking - How To Invent 5 Attitudes 5 Techniques



For a given Problem


Find a Creative Solution

Find Opportunities