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Vadim Kotelnikov Innompic Games

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How Innompic Games stand out from the competition



 Olympics are for athletes. Innompics are for World changers!

Social networks help people communicate, Innompic Games help people grow!


Innompics Differentiated Innompics vs. Olympics Assessing Inventiveness Inventive Thinking Turning Ideas to Profits Innoball Making Innompics a Great Creation Show Innompics as a Creation Show Innompic Contests Know Your Enemies Benefits for Spectators Benefits of Innompics Changing the World Learning Benefits Opportunities for Actators Actators Hackathons Winners Social Networks

Innompics vs. Olympics Innompics Differentiated Innompics as a Creation Show Innoball: Making Innompics a Popular Creation Show Innompic Contests Global Impact Civilizational Breakthrough Learning Benefits Assessment of Inventiveness Opportunities for Actators Winners Innompics vs. Social Netowrks Innompic Games differentiated

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