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Tehart Ekasha, Change 90 Initiative co-founder, just be a woman you want to be  

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Just be the woman you want to be




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Mother of four, Tehart Ekasha co-founded Change 90 Initiative, an accelerated business incubation program for immigrants, jointly with her husband Faruq Khalifa

  Tehart & Faruq family four kids


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Tehart Ekacha great muslim female entrepreneur Libya Change 90 Initiative

Change 90 Initiative provides unique entrepreneurship programs and services to underserved population at very early stage, one stage before business Incubation and Accelerator involvement, through 3 Days & 90 Days Challenge include advising, financing, mentoring, and network development.





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3-Days Innovation Bootcamp is an opportunity where entrepreneurs find creative solutions to everyday problems.



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The Power of Canadian Diversity



Tehart and Faruq are interviewed by a Libyan TV channel


Tehart Ekasha, Libyan Canadian, Change 90 Initiative, Miss Innovation World award winner

Just be the woman you want to be.

Tehart Ekasha