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Planet of Loving Creators

Innompic Planet of Loving Creators


Innompic Planet of Loving Creators Innovation is Love Passion Customers Vadim Kotelnikov quotes



is the Gateway to
the Planet of Loving Creators

Innompics help people globally become loving creators, celebrate cross-cultural unity, unlock the potential of all participants joyfully and encourage them towards innovation!

Helping People Grow Helping people become Loving Creators Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games Be a Loving Creator Love Your Customers Follow Your True Passion Innovation is Love Helping all people create a brigther future Loving Creators, Innompic Games, nurtuting innovators, global innovation accelerator, Vadim Kotelnikov






Innompics Gesture of Loving Creators

Hand Creating and Hand Giving ‒ with LOVE!

Innompic Chant

Innompic Gesture of Loving Creators love Magomed Gamzatov Ksenia Kotelnikova Dennis KotelnikovInnompic Gesture of Loving Creators Hand Creating Hand Giving Dennis Kotelnikov Ksenia KOtelnikova Magomed Gamzatov


We don’t deal with boring stuff –
We create new things with love!
We’re not here for the gold –
We are here to change the World!





Happy Victors




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Anthem of
The Innompic Planet
of Loving Creators

"I Have
a Difference To Make!"

Brand gesture of Innompic Games: Hand Creating & Hand Giving Denis Kotelnikov Valentin Smirnov Денис Котельиков