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Mental Warming-Up Exercise

This creativity exercise is a good ice breaker with a team or an audience who need to be shaken out of their routine thought processes and into a more relaxed, creative and joyful mode.

Team members take turns to add one line or two lines of a story. Each contributor should build on what has gone before, but every contribution may change the flow of the story radically. No criticism, no judgment.

This story telling exercise is a great energizer and fun. It helps to start a workshop in an engaging manner, get it going of to liven things up after a break.


The envisaged journey to success may be created in the form of an entrepreneurial simulation game, such as Innovation Football (Innoball).

In this exercise, the first member of the group makes the first step towards the entrepreneurial vision.

The second member creates a challenge relevant to this new situation.

The third member suggests a creative solution or makes a big turn by discovering a great opportunity the challenge brings about.

The first member suggests a new challenge… A so on.

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT) will help you create diverse challenges and innovative responses to them.