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Prepare to Win: Write Your Success Story before starting a venture

Innovation Success Story Telling by a Group, Innovation Football mini-game



JD Meier innovation guru USA

I found the key to realizing value is creating chunks of change in the form of stories.

JD Meier









taken during
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Tell the story emotionally

Use KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools
to highlight the essence of major turns of the journey


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Engaging Spectators
Yet, Innompics engage spectators as well. In the Innompic Glossary, 'active spectators' are called 'actators'.
Actators will increasingly be able to participate online (few in 2017, 1 billion in 2019).

At the 1st Innompic Games, we'll beta test the actators' engagement. Actators will sit in a special area close to the scene. While Innompic teams are thinking on their next move in response the a challenge just emerged, the Innompic Show Team (Innovation Guru, actors, etc.) provide various challenge-related perceptions and possible solutions.
Actators are also invited to demonstrate their creative solutions.
Thus actators have an opportunity to showcase their smartness. In addition, they help the audience connect with the contest at a deeper both emotional and intellectual levels.

The challenge is 'How to make 3rd Innompic Games 2019 the most watched global show with over 1 billion spectators'
Innompic Teams create their story
Show Team (mainly Innovation Gurus) create their story to add some more perspectives and insights.
Actators (who can form small ad-hoc groups for the purpose) may create and tell their story.
Thus we'll get a more holistic view of the challenge. By engaging both Innovation Gurus and actators we make the contest more educative and a greater show. Use of KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools by all the presenters helps the audience to understand the essence of a creative solution better and make the presentation a greater show.


New Product Marketing: TELLING a STORY, Innompic Contest Show, how to create customers for innovation

Additional Value for a University
1st Innompic Games are likely to be held in a University. People in the audience will mainly be students and university staff.
Fun, gaming, and learning by doing accelerate learning. Engagement of spectators (students, teachers, researchers) makes Innompic contests great learning, fun and team building exercises.

Option: Boost-n-Glory for the Strayer University in 2018
We're planning to start organizing separate Innompic Games for universities starting from 2019.
We could beta-test the concept in 2018 at the Strayer University with, say 8 Innompic University Teams from different countries. This historic, educative and fun event would attract great global attention to the Strayer University and build it;s image as a world's leader in growing disruptive innopreneurs.