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Innoball example: Innompic as a Poular Show


Vadim Kotelnikov  message to the World on Learning: if you stop learning you stop creating history and become history






Innoball helps strengthen itself: Improving the Innoball Process

 Strengthening Innompic Games

Enhancing Contests

Improving Team Assessment

Increasing Benefits for All Involved

Enhancing Learning Opportunities

Engaging Internet Spectators Globally

Growth and Expansion Strategies



Challenges faced by the 1st Innompic Games

Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION



Enemies of Innovation

Innoball Games

Anticipating Opponents' Moves



Innompic Torch Web-Relay

Puzzle: Visual Quote

Messages to the World

World, Friendship, Partnership    Life    Love    Learning, Knowledge, Creativity

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Hard and Soft Brand Attributes

Names  >>  Innompics - Glossary

Innoball (Innovation Football, Innovation Brainball)

KoRe - KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools, KoRe 10 Tips


Cimcoin - CimJoy CimWave


Product Vision

Slogans and Headlines  >>  Differentiating Slogans   /  Slogans for 2nd Innompic Games

Innompics Differentiated

Guiding Principles

Innompic Games

Innompic Games as a Creation Show


Creative Solution to a Global Problem

Similar to other our breakthrough innovations (logos), Innompic Games is a solution to several global problems.

Business e-Coach    Fun4Biz >> Creative Problem Solving  Turning Problems to Opportunities    Innoball    Innompic Games    Cimcoin    eRaritet



By Judges    By Valuenteers

Team    Individual Team Member    Team Leader   Valuenteer    Actator




Innompic Games: Preparations

Rope >> Running on a leash >> Founders are too attached to their own perceptions and  preferences, so Innompic Games fail to connect with diverse global audience >>  >> Balloon >> Take a cosmonaut view >> Global network of Goodwill Ambassadors (Innossadors - examples of Names)


Examples  >>  Innoball & 10 KITT  >>  Impoving the Innoball Process

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: TROPHY

Temptation to conquer the opponent

It's too easy for an innovation team to make an imaginary project hugely successful  as well as for their enemy to kill the project my making unrealistic moves.




Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: HEADSET

Communicating the objectives

The organizers will explain the teams that  the objective of both innovators and their enemies is not to kill each other, but to demonstrate  their entrepreneurial creativity skills. The opposing teams should adopt the Win-Win Mindset ‒ they should stretch, not kill each other. The better they do so, the higher marks they get.


Innovative Thinking Tools - Flashlight Kore 10

Too little light

Moves are described too broadly which makes the opponent's responses too presuming.




Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: HEADSET

Clarifying questions

Having received the description of an opponent's move, a team may ask up to three clarifying questions. The ability to ask and answer clarifying questions is a part of the "Entrepreneurial Strategies" assessments.


Intellectual teamwork is too chaotic. It's often dominated by a single person, while other contribute too little. >> "Garden" and Kitchen"

Ideas are poorly synergized. >> SPIN

Team leaders have too little time for evaluation of all the ideas submitted by the team members.  >>  Teams will assign a weight to each guiding principle to enable quick ‒ within a matter of seconds ‒ evaluation of an idea.

Judges have no criteria for evaluation of anticipation skills >> The teams will be asked to provide a structured description of their move ‒ (1) Kore 10  Tool used (2) Symbolic action (3) Precise action  ‒ to make evaluation easier and better.

Evaluation of the idea selection skills of the team leader is too intuitive  >> Weighted criteria

Anticipation of attacks and Idea evaluation by judges

... >> ... >>  Evaluation of ideas by Judges / Volunteers / Internet spectators may be influenced by personality of players and nationality of a team  >>  Flash Light >> Turned Off >> Players and teams will be hidden behind  symbolic names (Team A, Player A1, Player A2, etc.). Real names will be revealed after all the evaluations have been completed.

Flashing Light >> Battery is down >>  A team fails to invent a new product or service, so it cannot participate in further contests  >>  Fishing Rod >> Get one >> A set of inventions to chose from

Improving Assessments

Brood (Rejecting) - Too few contests for assessing creative marketing skills. >>  Trophy (Standing out) Having a product enhanced thanks to an Innoball game, teams will create three headlines for different types of mass media: business media, social networks and a general interest TV channel


Helping Spectators Shine

Good spectators' ideas won't reach the judges if valuenteers who pre-assess spectators' ideas are not competent enough. >>  A sample Innoball game will be played in advance to both teach the judges and the valuenteers to assess ideas and evaluate their idea evaluation skills. In addition, during the Innompic Torch Relay, Judges and Valuenteers assess each message to the World simultaneously. The author of the best message is rewarded. Assessment skills of each valuenteer are pre-evaluated and weighted before the Games begin.


Increasing Benefits for All Involved  /  Growth Strategies

 Large groups of people don't feel associated with the focus groups of participants (startups)  >> Future expansion - special teams:  Physically Challenged,  Teens under 18, Refugees, ...  A separate tournament for larger corporations (separate e-Coach and Innoball). Separate tournament for universities. If the teen team performs well and attracts a lot of spectators, a separate tournament for teen will be established (slide - growing team categories)

Internet-based Games

End-user opinion is not counted in evaluation of contestants' ideas  >>  Internet-spectators will be provided with an opportunity to give marks to contestants' ideas. For an average spectators' mark to be counted, at least 1,000 spectators should evaluate an idea. In case the spectators' and the judges' mark of an idea differ too sharply, a third-party evaluation will be made that will have an impact on evaluation of both the idea and the judges. Special prizes will be given to the public-opinion winners.


Summary of the Improvements Made thanks to the Innoball Game