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Star Teams: FIRST IMPRESSION World Champions 2020

At virtual World Innompic Games 20202, First Impression 30 second videos by top 5 teams − 3 branded teams (Russia Innompirsity, Zimbabwe VLC, Russia FinUni) and 2 family teams (Russia Creators, Zimbabwe Chikumbas) − were rated nearly equally by the international Jury panel.

So the organisers decided to split the First Impression video contest into 5 categories based on the team videos submitted − Value Innovation, Team Spirit, Integrated Diversity, Creative Generations, Brave Passionaries − and celebrate each of the top 5 team as the Champion in a relevant category.




Star Teams

'First Impression'  team videos as voted by the IG 2020 International Jury





Miss & Mister  FIRST IMPRESSION World 2020




Runner-ups and Champions

'First Impression
individual videos as voted by the IG 2020 International Jury