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Marfa, a young biologist and healthcare specialist, wanted to make people healthier. The best way to achieve this is to get people closer to the Mother Nature.

The famous ancient doctor Hyppocratus taught 'Doctors treat diseases, but it is Nature who cures them".

Marfa wanted to do something that would help people to live in a cleaner, more natural environment and eat healthy natural food.

Marfa started searching for the best solutions and found scientists who invented Healthbiotics, all-natural and highly effective victorious agent that can clean environment, improve and increase yield of agriproduce, and prevent and heal diseases naturally.

Yet, the scientists were not entrepreneurial enough to commercialise their invention and make applied globally.

Marfa established the 'Healthbiotics' startup with the scientists and obtained a small startup loan.


'Healthbiotics' needed success stories to be able to persuade target customers to switch from chemicals to this all-natural and more cost-effective agent. Yet, company managers didn't want to switch to a new and better process from an old one that was good enough for them.


Marfa found three organisations that faced a severe crisis:

① A municipal sewage treatment organisation whose bad performance caused civilian protest actions.

② A poultry farm that was about to file for bankruptcy because their major corporate customers stopped buying their antibiotics-full chicken.

③ A hospital where the mortality rate among the patients was too high.

Facing a life-of-death dilemma, these three organisations agreed to replace chemicals by heatlhbiotics and achieved amazing positive results within 9 months.

These three success stories helped 'Healthbiotics' to start acquiring new customers.


A chemical giant who saw the growing 'Healthbiotics' business as a threat to their profits, launched a campaign aimed at killing the social startup.


Marfa partnered with 3 popular environment-concerned bloggers who interviewed her about the great benefits of 'Healthbiotics' for people and also about how the chemical giant tried to kill her noble business.

Social networkers raised a campaign against the chemical giant and forced the corporation to discontinue their attempts to kill 'Healthbiotics'.


'Healthbiotics' was doing well locally, but had no funds to expand globally.


Marfa diversified into more profitable areas such skin care, baby care, and shrimps farming. She also managed to win a big contract for cleaning a subway from pathogens.

Increased revenue streams made it possible for 'Healthbiotics' to start expanding globally.

Marfa's social entrepreneurship big dream came true!

Worldbiotics Global Startup Success Story, social entrepreneur Kseniya Kotelnikova, Russia