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Michael Zelin, USA, teacher, Innompic Games, Jury, ideator

Michael Zelin

Solo Contestant

Education 2030 Forecast: Online & Fun




Which customer needs and related businesses will fade out?

What new customer needs and related businesses will fade in?




Which needs and businesses will fade out

Construction of expensive school buildings, production of school buses, expensive school furniture, expensive textbooks − related businesses will have to adapt to the shift of delivering education in a digital format.

Olde Educational Model, books  


Online schools, proctered online testing, online tutoring, e-textbooks, educational gaming: gamification of education has been accelerating and will further accelerate with development of new technologies, increase in speed of transfer information, and storage capabilities.

Edutainment, future of education, forecast  

Efficiency of teaching will further increase: one instructor can teach thousands of students utilizing Massive Online Open Course model.

Efficiency of learning will also increase. Currently, most of the work students do is discarded. New systems leveraging value of students' work beyond academic grading will allow students to post their work online and collaborate.





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