Mike Zelin

Innompic Games is a historic initiative. We need to do what we can to preserve IG Story for the history and Digital Archaeology.


Jenny Zhou, USA Chinese

Thanks to Innompic Games, the global creative energy unites, and its synergy makes the world a better place.


Martti Vallila Innompic Games 2018 Jury

What I like the most about Innompic Games is


JD Meier innovation guru USA

I focus on enabling the genius in others to play a bigger role in the game of innovation.

JD Meier



Jim Carras, USA, Jury, World Innompic Games

Innovators are mocked as dreamers. They are the most practical, as their innovations lead to a better way of life for all of us.

Jim Carras

Thomas Ruddy. USA,Jury, Innompic Games

The Olympics of Innovation today is the Innompics but nothing will stop innovation if provided a platform for progress, such as this.

Thomas Ruddy

Thomas Hong, Startup Mentor, Silicon Valley, USA

Letís join and work together to continually improve our world for the children who will take our place when we are gone.

Thomas Hong

Charlotte Lin

Better be a fool who fails than a genius who never tries.

Charlotte Lin