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Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe, founder of Vision Leadership Centre (VLC), Innompic Gamess contestant team leader

Peter Chikumba

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Chikumbas

Leadership Development in Southern Africa



Noble Goal

Equip one million youths (25 - 40 years old) with leadership skills through Innovarsity@VLC training, coaching & mentoring programs in the 16 countries of Southern Africa by 2025.







Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: His intelligence is the key in his career; he possesses a vast knowledge too and has an incredible observational ability. Sherlock responses to the news about Darth’s plot without panic.




James Bond as a great team member

James Bond: Being highly manipulative, calculating and possesses a high level of intelligence but not sentimental. Agrees to play the seemingly insignificant role of messenger yet posing the greatest threat to the life of Darth.




Harry Porter: Is constantly willing to risk his own life to save others. He has a forgiving nature and is loyal. Leads the negotiations to reconcile with Garfield from the enemy camp and wins him over to our team.



Challenge and Solution




An individual Government wants to hijack the VLC Vision , so they plot to get VLC to be delicensed. They ask Darth Vader to write this message to VLC ; “We want you to surrender your license to our government offices within 7 days or I Darth will send my deputy Garfield to collect the license“. Despite this threat to our vision, our inspired and creative team of Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Harry Porter managed to turn this challenge into a grand regional opportunity.


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock − Strategist: Picks intelligence on the plot by Darth and invites Garfield for tea and gives him a letter to saying; “ James Bond will deliver the Licence to Darth’s offices.................” Upon receiving the letter, Darth commits suicide fearing to face James Bond and also exposure of his detrimental plan.

James Bond as a great team member

James Bond: On arrival at the government offices meets Garfield and the two discuss the issue of Darth’s plan. On hearing about the death of Darth, James Bond confronts Garfield who then offers to be the solution and the two agree to return together to VLC offices.

Harry Porter: Negotiates for a settlement which brings Garfield onboard as VLC’s Innossador to the 16 countries of Southern Africa.

In the end, VLC Licence gets endorsed as a Global Licence leading to the successful execution of the vision.





Mark given by Jury: 7.17