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Michael Zelin, USA, teacher, Innompic Games, Jury, ideator

Michael Zelin

Fantastic WIF & IOOC Team



Noble Goal

To Organize World Innompics Federation (WIF) and Innovation Olympics Organizing Committee (IOOC) & Save the World!







Ariel as a great team member

Ariel represents the most beautiful part of humanity & underwater creatures and swims in the Ocean of Inventions better than any fish in the water.




Shrek -represents diversity of all real and mystical creatures, is strong, brave, and ready to sacrifice his life for a noble goal.




Harry Potter is very smart, has a magic wand, and can fly on a broom.




 Dr. Evil, cunning and fits his name, but still listens to the rational voice.

Hercules, naive and easy to be misled, but deep in his heart is kind and capable to recognize & correct mistakes.



Challenge and Solution



According to the plan, Innompians from all over the world with their leading innovators representing all diverse population of humans, creatures living under the sea and in the sky, as well as imaginary characters living in human imagination were supposed to help to develop Global Future-2045 project to reach immortality by 2045 and Artificial Super Intelligence based on Super-Powerful Quantum computing algorithms capable of predicting the Optimized Path of Evolution to save the World.


Dr. Evil convinced naive Hercules that the super AI will turn evil and destroy the humanity: that the Singularity point on the universal curve of the Universal evolution is inevitable. They developed a computer virus COVID-2045 and a time bomb to blow up time.


Following the Game plan, all members of the Fantastic Innompics Team went on their missions.

Ariel as a great team member

Ariel went to invite all nations living next and under the ocean to send representatives to WIF and IOOC.

Shrek went to reach all real people and imaginary characters living on land.

Harry Potter flew on the broom to the sky to reach all flying creatures so that even the smallest population of the tiniest Calibri-birds will promote innovation to the next level − to infinity & beyond.

Dr. Evil and naive Hercules were amazed by the success of the mission!

Members of the Good Heroes Team took supposed to be Bad Heroes for a ride! Literally: Ariel − on a dolphin ride, Shrek − on a donkey ride, and Harry Potter − on a broom ride.

The Good Team convinced supposed-to-be Bad Team that under coordination of WIF and IOOC, Innovation will flourish everywhere: on land, under water, and in the sky, and that

Artificial Super Intelligence will be intelligent enough not to turn on its own creators.

All heroes united in one Super-Heroes (similar to super-conductivity and super-fluidity when all particles behave as one) − Super-Heroes team to achieve one noble goal: to promote Innovation and to build a Planet of Loving Inventors!





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