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Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story

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Customer Experience (CX) as a Love Story  

Creative Challenge


Take your new customer value invented during the 'Entrepreneurial Serendipity' or 'Different Market for the Same Product' contest
design a customer experience journey as a love story.


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Value innovation is a innopreneurial way of telling customers "I love you!"

  Vadim Kotelnikov




Surprise Your Customers

Be creative. Surprise your customers with amazing inventions and value innovations at all stages of the customer experience journey from first impression through visitor tour, free trial, first purchase and customer retention programs.

  Surprise Customer - 3 strategies by Vadim Kotelnikov




Start with a 30-second video or a slide introducing your

Customer Value Proposition

that would amaze your prospects and inspire them to contact you.




Introduce yourself, your company and your product or service in a most appealing way. Emphasize customer benefits in your introduction.

(a 1-minute video, a slide or a half-page description)








Describe how you'll get prospective customers
to experience your product / service and fall in love with it

(a half-page description)




First Purchase


Describe how you'll inspire a person to buy your product or service and benefit from it

(a half-page description)




Describe how you'll build loving customer relationships and turn a buyer to a loyal repeat customer.

(a half-page description)