Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

I invented Innompic Games to help people increase their idea generation and implementation capabilities multifold.

  Vadim Kotelnikov




Coaching by Example

I am primarily a channel for World-changing conceptual inventions and radical, platform, and derivative (RPD) innovations. The main things I learned to do is to listen to the Universe and engage my subconscious mind. They bring me rough diamonds. I just need to polish and shape them.

  Vadim Kotelnikov concept inventions and innovations RPD types of Innovation radical innovation platform innovation derivative innovation


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Dream BIG dreams, commit to your true passion,

and you will learn to fly!

  Vadim Kotelnikov




Breakthrough e-Coach by Vadim Kotelnikov

In 2001, I invented inspirational Business e-Coach and was the first in the World to launch free online university at People from 130+ countries use my inspirational e-Coach since then.



Fun4Biz two-dimensional social network joyful entrepreneurial creativity contests

In 2008, the first-ever two-dimensional social network Fun4Biz was beta-tested successfully. While other social networks help people just communicate, Fun4Biz help people grow as well by stretching their capabilities in various ongoing entrepreneurial creativity contests.



INNOBALL innovation brainball entrepreneurial simulation game

In 2010, strategic entrepreneurial simulation games Innoball was invented and launched. INNOBALL is a radical innovation that helps implement radical innovation / change projects successfully and achieve far beyond initial aspirations.  =>  Examples / Feedback / InnoChess



Innompic Games were formally announced in 2016 and launched in 2017. Innompic Games is a civilizational breakthrough that is to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators, a trend setter, and the World's #1 in several target areas.





Master of Business Synergies (MBS) conceptual inventkon by Vadim Kotelnikov

Master of Business Synergies (MBS) concept was invented in 2002. This is a must-have cross-functional art and skill of a modern business designer, business architect, and a leader of holistic / systemic / synergy innovation.



Emfographics - emotion-powered infograpics, invented by Vadim KOtelnikov

Invented on 12 July 2012, Emfographics − emotion-powered infographics − delivers instant understanding and lasting inspiration and thus jumps to the next curve in education and marketing by synergizing infographics and emotions.



Vadim Kotelnikov inventions 10 KITT KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Metaphoric KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT) inspire creativity, help streamline ideation process and explain an innovative solution easier.



Innompic Theatre

Innompic Theatre and and its trademark sMusical-Inn 'Startup Romeo & Juliet' premiered at IG 2019 were invented to make Innompic Games more joyful, creative. uniting and educative.



Innompic Ratings of individuals, organisations, countries as world-changing harmonious innovators and loving creators

Innompic Ratings are ratings of  individuals, organisations and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators.



INNOMPIOLOGY soclal science

Invented in May 2020, Innompiology is the social science that examines and explains  how to create  harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs.



Innompirsity Innompic Innovation University

Invented in May 2020, Innompic University (Innompirsity) is the first university in the World that nurtures World-changing loving creators disruptive innopreneurs and venture leaders using primarily Innompic-style accelerated learning 20-60-20.




Challenge-based Education + Fun + Action

Chedufuntion is a trademark style of education at Innnompirsity



First Impressionism

A vital art of creating a great first impression. It is a bit of science, but more of HEART & ART synergy.











Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

To grow big, think big. The only three things you need to change the World are vision, passion, and action.

  Vadim Kotelnikov



Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games quote Create unusual things, make our planet a better place


3Bs of Strategic Creativity

'Garden' and 'Kitchen' Ideation Sessions

'Gold Coin' Cards

Weighted Guiding Principles (WGP)

Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN)


Innompic Theatre    sMusicall-Inn










e-mail:    vadim@innovarsity,com