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First Impressionism



The art of creating a great first impression



FIRST IMPRESSIONISM was formally announced on 18 Oct 2020



Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

First Impressionism is a vital art of creating a desired first impression. This strategic key to success is a bit of science, but more of HEART & ART synergy.

  Vadim Kotelnikov




To illustrate, here is

My First-Impression video

Life Mission

3 words I live by

Passionate Innovator

Message to the World


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

The ability to create a great first impression is a strategic key to success. The first impression is created within seconds and lasts for years.

  Vadim Kotelnikov




Why and How First Impressionism was born

The First Impression is made within around 30 seconds and it lasts. Once created, the first impression is difficult to change.

As the ability to create a great first impression is a strategic key to success, we pioneered First Impression contests for teams at World Innompic Games 2019. At World IG 2020, we added new categories of First Impression contests: in addition to branded teams, we launched First Impression contests for individuals, including kids, family teams, and startups.

Tremendous and enthusiastic response from international contestants inspired creation of FIRST IMPRESSIONISM as a vital new art that helps people achieve much more both in life and business.



World First-Impression Champions 2020




Runner-ups and Champions

'First Impression
individual videos as voted by the IG 2020 International Jury



Star Teams

'First Impression'  team videos as elected by the IG 2020 International Jury





Startup's First Impression

As a spin-off IG 2020 First-Impression contest for startups, every startup pitch  in the global Innompic Ecosystem will be required to start with a 30-second First-Impression video or life presentation to help prospects to get a big picture of the startup quickly first and them move to details.