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Africa Outstanding Leadership Mentor, Business Trainer

Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe, founder of Vision Leadership Centre (VLC), Innompic Gamess contestant team leader

Team Mentor

Jury  & Contestant

Team Leader

Peter Chikumba   Zimbabwe Zimbabwe


 Africa leading innopreneurs, entrepreneurial smartness champions, innovation leaders and business gurus are identified by the results of their participation in World Innompic Games and the Innompic Ratings.


Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe

Innompics is the greatest opportunity for me to be a part of something far greater than my own imagination. That's a nation I want to be an Ambassador for.

Peter Chikumba




Peter Chikumba is an Innossador of Innompic Games since 2016 and the most multi-hatted participant of virtual World Innompic Games 2020. Peter is the mentor of Zimbabwe VLC team, leader of Zimbabwe Chikumbas family team, a solo-contestant, and a Jury member.

Muti-Hatted Leader, joke gift by Dennis Kotelnikov for Peter Chikumba




Award Certificates

  Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Africa best innovators

Champion (PR)




Family Team Zimbabwe Chikumbas, World Innompic Games 2020

Family Team
Zimbabwe Chikumbas
amazed global Internet spectators by their amazing video performances.



Team Leader Contest




'First Impression' 30-second video
by the kids of Zimbabwe Chikumbas family team led by Peter Chikumba