Innompic Games (IG) are heartbeats of the global Innompic circulatory system the ecosystem that nurtures innovative entrepreneurs and boosts growth of world-changing startups.

Innompic Ecosystem global innovation games


Innompic Games

The Solution to 7 Global Challenges: IG are not stand-alone events, they are energizing and joyful peak events of the global Innompic Ecosystem.




IG entrepreneurial creativity contests boost generative capability and facilitate innovation management. They inspire mutual learning and catalyze idea and knowledge transfer within the Innompic ecosystem.



World's #1 Games - Innompic Games


INNOMPIC means synergy of 3 things:

Disruptive innopreneurs, loving creators

Outstanding entrepreneurial creativity 360

Super-effective A to Z implementation of harmonious radical innovation projects



Innompic Planet of Loving Creators Dare to Love, Pursue your dream, Male a Difference

Innompic Ecosystem

is a global Innompiology-powered network of people, events, countries, organizations, and enabling systems, programs and networks that inspires disruptive innopreneurs, nourishes entrepreneurial creativity, nurtures harmonious mega-innovations, helps build breakthrough partnerships, facilitates rapid growth of innovation-driven startups and larger businesses.



Innompic Games: People

Innompians are joyful loving creators who enjoy stretching their capabilities, being disruptive innopreneurs, inventing, designing and building up World-changing innovations, and co-creating and mingling with other Innompians.



Innompic Events

Innompic Events include geographical and industry-specific Innompic Games, trainings, innovation missions, business meets, fora, and other events that help to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.



Innompic Ratings of individuals, organisations, countries as world-changing harmonious innovators and loving creators

Inompic Ratings of  individuals, organisations and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators facilitate search for matching partners.



INNOMPIOLOGY soclal science

Innompiology is the social science that examines and explains  how to create harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs.



Innompirsity, Innompic University - radical innovation, venturepreneurship, mega-innpvation, innopreneurship, business design

INNOMPIRSITY is the global Innompic university for World changers that teaches Innompiology, disruptive innopreneurship, how to create holistic harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs.




Boosting Innopreneurship

Innopreneurship ecosystem includes innopreneurs, inventors, mentors, facilitators, educational institutions,  business incubators, accelerators, investors, suppliers, customers, government agencies, special events and so on

Passionate Team Innompic Planet of Loving Creators love for each other creativity innovation

Innompic Ratings


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes love all people homplier at home abroadlier abroad Innompic Games 2018 Malaysia UniKL Planet of Loving Creators Vietnam team India

Evolving Relationships

As in a biological ecosystem, each entity in an innopreneurial ecosystem affects and is affected by the others, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be flexible and adaptable in order to be in harmony with its dynamic environment.


Innompic Guiding Principles



Leveraging diversities is a fundamental Innompic strategy that helps IG create great positive impact for centuries ahead. IG celebrate differences in approaches, diversity of styles, and cross-cultural unity.

United Innovators Innompic Games





Focused Innompic Games

Trend setters that design the future of their focused areas

Headquarters of the Focused IGs are being established in various countries



Innompic global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV)

Innompic global Virtual Venture Vallue (VVV) nurtures world-changing high-growth startups and international radical innovation projects.