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Dream Job essay award winner Dimpal Chhetri, Nepal



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My Dream Job

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My aim in life to be a doctor.

Different people have different goals in their life. There are various professional like teacher, engineer, scientists, fashion designer, doctor etc. But for achieving our aims we have to work from the very beginning. We also have to work very hard in a proper way. We can't achieve our set target in life without working sincerely.

I saw so many people dying from diseases because they had no money too pay for medicine. Since my early age I decided to become a doctor to help the needy and poor people. I want to be a doctor who can help people anywhere anytime.  I also want to take care of health of my family members.

~ Dimpal Chhetri, 23 y.o.



Dimpal Chhetri, Nepal

I want to be a doctor to help the needy and poor people. I want to help people anywhere anytime. 

Dimpal Chhetri