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My Dream Job

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Everyone has dreams that they want to achieve. Sometimes those dreams can seem rather impossible or beyond our imagination, but it is a nice feeling to imagine what you can be in the future while knowing that you can maximise your potential to chase after those dreams.

Dream Job essay award certificate Muhammad Nor Rusyaidi Irfan, KPMSI Malaysia, World Innompic Games 202  

I honestly used to have a lot of dream jobs, but as time passed, I realised that I had to go for something I would enjoy, or something that suits me in a way that would make me feel happy and satisfied. That dream job of mine would be modelling.

The reason I want to be a model is because I want to change the standards in the modelling industry. Models are known to look perfect in front of the cameras, having to maintain a good body shape, look attractive, be tall and a lot of other things.

What if we had a different kind of model?

One who does not hide the flaws on their body, is brave enough to confront their insecurities and can beat up the front cover of a magazine. I do not think that is something we often see these days because of the standards set by the community. That is why I consider modelling as my dream job as I feel that someone has to take a stand and send the message through their actions to make it work.

However, this will continue to be a dream for now because I am currently prioritising my studies, which clearly has nothing to do with that job field.

~ Muhammad Nor Rusyaidi Irfan