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Nurture every soul with appropriate environment as each soul on this earth is meant to bloom.




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Best Team Manager award winner, Sabina Tuladhar, Nepal, SAIM college



Team Manager, Nepal SAIM 2021 Innompic team



Sabina Tuladhar, SAIM College, lectures, team manager, Innompic Games

I wish to thank the founders of Innompic Games for providing our SAIMians with such creative opportunities!

Sabina Tuladhar




Sabina Tuladhar is the Academic Head / Associate Professor at South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM).

Faculty at SAIM teaching courses to MBA students in Strategic Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Leadership and Organizational Development and Change Management. Playing the role of liaison between the corporate world and SAIM college. Leading placement cell at SAIM.

As a Management Consultant and Co-Head of SAIM Capacity Building Cell, Sabina Tuladhar provided consultancy and training to the different esteemed organizations including NMB Bank, Ncell, Zonta Club, Nepal Police, DCA, UNDP, NHRC on topics like emotional intelligence, strategic HRM, team building, leadership, change management etc.