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Nepal SAIM







South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM)





Nepal SAIM is a team composed of MBA students from the South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM).

Team Manager
Sabina Tuladhar

  Best Team Manager award winner, Sabina Tuladhar, Nepal, SAIM college


Sabina Tuladhar, SAIM College, lectures, team manager, Innompic Games

I wish to thank leaders of Innompic Games for providing our SAIMians with such creative opportunities!

Sabina Tuladhar


Bibek Maharjan , Nepal

Learn to see beyond the limitations that seem real, and empower yourself to push past those boundaries.

Bibek Maharjan

Anushka Shrestha, MBA, SAIM Nepal

In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.

Anushka Shrestha

Binita Bhattarai, Nepal, MBA SAIM, HR manager, Innompic Games

Every story we build brings us to the life.

Binita Bhattarai

Umanga Bhatta, Nepal, SAIM MBA, Innompic Games, Dream Job essay Financial Consultant

Adjust to the challenges, enjoy your work and let your inner spark make the difference.

Umanga Bhatta

Sarita Bhatta, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, Innompic Games

Everyone should dream and it leads us to get our destination.

Sarita Bhatta

Gopal Subedi, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, Innompic Games, HR manager, Human resources

If you have the capacity, always lend your hand with a smile to someone asking for your help.

Gopal Subedi

Sarina Basnet, Nepal, MBA, SAIM, Innompic Games

Dream, work for it and achieve your goal.

Sarina Basnet







Best Team Manager award winner, Sabina Tuladhar, Nepal, SAIM collegeDream Job essay award winner Bibek Maharjani, Nepal

Dream Job essay award certificate, Anushka Shrestha, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, Staying TunedDream Job essay award certificate, Binita Bhattarai, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, HR Manager

Award Certificate Dream Job Essay Umanga Bhatta Nepal Financial Consultant SAIM Innompic Games 2021Award Certificate Dream Job Essay Sarita Bhatta Nepal CEO Bank SAIM Innompic Games 2021

Dream Job essay award certificate, Gopal Subedii, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, HR Human Resources developmentDream Job essay award certificate, Sarina Basnet, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, Entrepreneur