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Innompic Games Development Story







The summary of e-mail exchanges with  a Malaysian University during August 2016



  • Design the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) for the Innompic Games initiative at the Malaysian University

  • Prepare a presentation at ISBA 2016 where Innompic Games were formally announced

We build on the University's strengths

  • Large student and alumni base

  • Advanced experience in implementing Blue Ocean projects

  • Excellent experience in managing innovative event projects

  • Typical for Malaysia strive to be the first in the World in some remarkable areas

  • Well resourced program to promote Malaysia as a great international tourist destination



The strategies were developed through e-mail exchanges. We'll build them further during personal discussions at the ISBA 2016 conference where Innompic Games will be formally announced.


We create Blue-Ocean value for people, companies, the country

The University will establish an International Innompic Training Centre (Innompic ITC). The Innompic ITC, Malaysia will become a magnet for both local and overseas innovation leaders because it will:

  • Offer advanced training courses to innovative start-up firms, would-be entrepreneurs, Blue-Ocean strategists and innovation project leaders of larger corporations

  • Offer various opportunities for building both local and international innovative ties

  • Increase ‒ dramatically! ‒ the chances to promote people, projects. companies, regions and countries both locally and globally through successful participation in annual Innompic Games.

  • For international participants, add value through synergizing Innompic trainings with attractive tourist programs.

The University will submit a bid for hosting the 1st Innompic Games. If the University wins the bid, we'll develop an additional strategic action plan that will help the UNiversity to get the most from this historic victory.