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About Innompic Games (slide presentation)


Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION (video)


90-second Introduction (video)


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About Innompic Games


 90 second video introduction 




The decision to launch Innompic Games
was formally announced

at the international business incubation conference
 ISBA 2016, 10 September 2016, Puna, India


>>  Founder's Speech



Intellectual entrepreneurial games for the digital economy

Identifying global champions in the fields that play the key role
in today's economic and social development of the World

Innompics - Olympics for Innovators


Innompic Games vs Olypmpic Games   Innompics vs Olympics - Innompic Games vs Olympic Games


You can create wonders!

Innompic Games will boost your

Desire to make a difference

Entrepreneurial creativity

'Can-do' attitude


Truly Democratic Games

  • Anyone in the World can participate

  • Play at home, shine globally

  • No travel cost, no participation cost

  • Web-spectators can also participate in contests >>>

  • The same World-best free e-Coach for all participants


Str-r-retch your entrepreneurial creativiyt!


Innompic Games vs Hackathon: invent and commercialize    Benefits for Spectators Learning Opportunities Benefits of Innompics Opportunities for Actators About Innompic Games Actators Innompics, Innompic Web Games - Benefits for Internet Spectators


Great Innovator Creative Problem Solving Strategy Innovation About Innompic Games Creative Marketing Value Innovation Innompic Games - Innompics - contest of innopreneurial arts: business strategy innovation, creative problem solving  

Innompics Champions, Medal Winners, Innompic Games, Smartest Innovators



1st Innompics


Innompics: Let's create history!



e-Coach About Innompics Participation Opportunities for Actators Participate! Dennis Kotelnikov Ksenia Kotelnikova Alexander Vasyanin Svetlana Vasyanina Vadim Kotelnikov Innompics - Innompic Web Games - Global and Empowering  

Innossadors Arindam Dutta Arsen Sargsyan Vitaly Geyman Shivaram Malavalli About Innompics Innompics Innossadors - Goodwill Ambassodrs messages - Arindam Dutta, Arsen Sargsyan, Dean Prebble



Innompics - Innompic Web Games - Olympics for Innovators, Innopreneurs, Venturepreneurs

Innompic Web Games among innovators - people who chnage the world!


Innompics Benefits About Innompics Participate! Opportunities for Active Spectators (Actators) Innompics Sponsors Innoxperts - Innovation Experts  

INNOBOOSTERS - Sponsors oif Innompic Web Games Innossadors Innoxperts Actators About Innompics Glossary of the Innompics Terms Paetiicipate Innompics Participants: Innompic Web Games - What Participants Do

Innompics: Win your amazing future!


Starting from 3rd Innompic Games, 2019,

Innompics will be partly Intetnet-based




Innompic Internet Games - play at home, shine globally


Let's create history together!

"Global creative energy is a good concept and it should be used to raise the level of humanity across the world."

~ Narendra Nath