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1st Innompic Games




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1st national Innompic corporation registered (USA)

1st Journalist accredited

1st Founder's Speech

1st national Innompic corporation registered (USA)

1st Journalist accredited (Russia)

Formal Announcement  >> Plaque

1st Meeting of the Organizing Committee (India)

1st Training for Master Trainers (India)

1st Open National Training (Malaysia)



Innompic Games launch ceremony ISBA 2016 Vadim Kotelnikov Rajendra Jagdale ISBA 2016 India


The history changing decision to launch Innompic Games
was formally announced
at the international business incubation conference  
ISBA 2016, 10 September 2016, Puna, India


Innompic Games story: 1st Innompic Cake, Vadim Kotelnikov, Anya, Dennis, Ksusha

The Innompic Launch Plaque
was signed in two original copies
by innovators and entrepreneurship development leaders from
Finland, India, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and USA



The lager plaque
will be kept in
the host organization




The smaller plaque
will be kept in
the Innompics museum


Innompic Games Launch Plaque signed, ISBA 2016, Vadim Kotelnikov, Rajendra Jagdale

Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games, plaque


The Only Copy
of the digital image of the 1st Innompic Plaque

will be processed by the Founder

using Cimcoin technology

to prove authenticity and the uniqueness of the image

and thus to create an eRaritet

that may be sold to a collector of unique items  later on







Dear Partners,

We want to make the 1st Innompic Games 2017 an extremely educative, useful and amazing Creation Show to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship globally.

The choice of the Challenges to be offered to the Innompic Teams is a very important part of this endeavour.

I invite you to contribute the Challenges you think will help the 1st Innompic Games to achieve their objective.

Below are the guidelines and examples.

Nature of Challenges
The challenges should inspire entrepreneurial creativity and be of interest to the global audience. Any type of challenges - development, social, business - are welcome.

Ultimately, we need to choose 10 challenges, so we need to collect not less than 20 for the long list.

Selection Criteria
Criteria for selection of Innompic Challenges are described at this page:

Description of the Proposed Challenges
4 fields: Short Name; Challenge; Reasons To Choose; Rewards

Enclosed are two sample descriptions.

Selection Process
About 50 people from different countries - Members of the Advisory Board and Organizing Committee of the 1st Innompic Games, Goodwill Ambassadors of Innompic Games (Innossadors) - will participate in the selection process.

Kindly keep the list of proposed Challenges confidential. The final list is to be released to the Innoteams and the global audience after the inauguration of the 1st Innompic Games.

Warm regards and looking forward to hearing from you.