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change the world motivational quote Vadim Kotelnikovs life purpose mission  

Innompic Games
is not just a Blue Ocean strategy,
it is a '
BLUE PLANET' strategy!

Our mega-innovation turns the Earth to a harmonious
Planet of Loving Creators!




Innompic Games for innovative World changers is a younger, yet soon-to-be-bigger brother of Olympic Games for athletes. It is a global constructive, all-win entrepreneurial creativity competition for the modern world driven by creativity and innovation.

IGs are all-inclusive and the World's #1 Peace Platform. Active Internet spectators (actators) can also participate in various contests and showcase their talents.

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Breakthrough e-Coach by Vadim Kotelnikov

Invented and launched at in 2001, inspirational Business e-Coach was the World's first free online university and is still the only comprehensive Life & Business e-Coaching site.

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IG Way

Civilizational Breakthrough

New Games for the new World driven by creativity and innovation.  Olympic Games were invented ~ 2,800 years ago for warriors. Innompic Games are for noble innopreneurs.




Relentless Trend Setter

General World IG create innovator-focused trends. Area-focused IG create trends for their sector in the global Innompic Ecosystem.





Innompic Games Creation Show

The Most Useful Show

IG help spectators grow as Loving Creators by watching contestants coming out with amazing solutions and by participating in special entrepreneurial creativity contests.



Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Innompic creation show is the most useful show because it turns people to loving creators and helps them grow fast.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Innompic Games entrepreneurial creativity contests all-win constructive competitioninnovation creation show

Innovation A to Z / 360

While there are many narrowly focused contests, Innompic Games is the first and the only contest that approaches innovation holistically.



Innompic Games Awards

Loving Creators

Innompic Games that help people grow as loving creators celebrate great achievers with World's most valuable awards such as Ms/Mr Innovation World, First Impression, and Peace Prize.



Innompic Ratings of individuals, organisations, countries as world-changing harmonious innovators and loving creators

Innompic Ratings

Ratings of  individuals, organisations and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators.



INNOMPIOLOGY soclal science


Innompiology is the first social science that examines and explains how to create harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs.



Innompic University (Innompirsity)

Innompirsity is the 1st university that teaches the Art of Innovation, Innovation A-to-Z/360, how to create harmonious mega-innovations and civilizationals breakthroughs.



Innompic Theatre


Innompic Theatre pioneered a new genre sMusical-Inn, a small a-la musical with an innovation flavor. The first sMusical-Inn 'Startup Romeo & Juliet' was premiered at IG 2019.