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Multisensory Immersion

  Vadim Kotelnikov

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Problem solving starts with a burning desire
to change something and an
open mind.

Don't be obsessed with a problem,
look for opportunities it brings about..


Problem Solving by Multisensory Immersion

Sensory immersion is deliberate overstimulation as a meditative exercise.

Immersion can take many forms, depending on what type of activity a person is performing and what is required to become an expert performer. Regardless of the type of immersion, achieving it can be very rewarding.

Make use of all your five senses. Apply your senses to a problem and see what comes up. You may be amazed! Sensory inputs can bring up memories, provide new insights into an old problem, and spark new ideas. You may surprise yourself with new perspectives, understand the things better, generate solutions more quickly, and have more fun. Daydreaming often works wonders. Close your eyes and let your mind wonder. Spend some time to work through each of your senses.

What does the problem look like? Can you touch it in different ways? Is it hot? Cold? Hard? Soft? Sticky?

What does the problem feel like? Can you touch it in different ways? Is it hot? Cold? Hard? Soft? Sticky?

Learn to listen in many ways.  What does this problem sound like to you? To your partner? To your customer?

Are there any tastes evoked by this problem? What if you add some spices to it?

What does the problem smell like? If the smell is unpleasant, how do people solve this smell problem?