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Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

"The challenge feels like..."

Vadim Kotelnikov Innompic Games

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1st Innompic Games - disruptive startup: it feels like... 4 perceptions

Communication Tool

When a team is facing a complex problem or or a great challenge, the 'It Feels Like..." exercise

→ helps team members understand each other's perceptions better, gain a more holistic view of the challenge to be addressed and thus facilitate intellectual teamwork and team creativity.

→ during creation shows, like Innompic Games, the diverse perceptions of the team members help an audience to obtain a deeper insight in the challenge faced by a team.

Multisensory Immersion

Sensory inputs can bring up memories, provide new insights into an old problem, and spark new ideas. You may surprise yourself with new perspectives, understand the things better, generate solutions more quickly, and have more fun... More

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Intellectial Teamwork and Team Creativity

Teach your entrepreneurial team members advanced ideation techniques. Synergize diverse ideas ‒  in a diverse synergistic team, innovative solutions arise from the presence of multiple perspectives... More


Visionary Strategists

Visionary strategists create an inspiring vision and the big picture of the desired future, formulate the strategic intent and provide a strategic direction and guiding principles. They encourage proactive innovation and help to align and synergize all inputs strategically.

Visionary strategists analyze strategic ideas, strategic feedback and emerging opportunities during strategy implementation, evaluate ideas, make strategic decisions and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Innovative Intrapreneurs

Innovative intrapreneurs are adept at looking at business, marketplace, change, opportunities, challenges, industry, and organizational situations in unconventional ways. They generate innovative ideas, solve strategic problems creatively, spot promising opportunities and suggest entrepreneurial actions aimed at implementing their ideas.

Functional Experts

Leaders in support areas such as human resources, processes, technology, finance and marketing bring insights into strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities related to their area of expertise. They suggest technology and process ideas and strategies that are to help the business to achieve its strategic goals.

Frontline Practitioners

Frontliners who are close to operations and customers provide an up to date view of what the business issues and opportunities are with customers, competitors and other stakeholders. They also specify what strategy areas require attention. 








1st Innompic Games: "It feels like..."

Innovation journey starts with exchanging perceptions among team members

Quick Evaluation of Promising Ideas

Gaining better understanding through seeing things from different perspectives



How to evaluate ideas: 4x2 perceptual positions, Vadim Kotelnikov