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Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

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What the Challenge feels like



The Step #1 in Addressing a Big Challenge

Describe what the challenge feels like to gain a more holistic view and a deeper insight that will help you to prepare to win wisely.





A likeness is a feeling that helps to understand the challenge better through sensory immersion and acts as a trigger for inventive thinking and creative problem solving in order to achieve strategic business success.

Use metaphors and/or historical analogies to create an 'Aha!' effect.




Take different perceptual positions e.g. entrepreneur, strategist, investor, seller and describe how the challenge feels like when you look at it from different angles.

  Look at a situation from different angles






Visionary Strategist


It is like jumping over a huge chasm of disbelief and indifference into a new world of unlimited opportunities and joyful growth.



Innovative Entrepreneur


It is like creating and beta-testing a Wonderland!



Functional Worker


It is like assembling something huge never seen before from innovative parts that have never worked together before.



Creative Marketer


It is like marketing a computer to XIX century people.




Communication Tool

When a team is facing a complex problem or a big challenge, the 'It Feels Like..." exercise facilitates both internal and external communication. It helps team members understand each other's perceptions better, gain a more holistic view of the challenge to be addressed and thus facilitate intellectual teamwork and team creativity.




During creation shows, like Innompic Games, diverse perceptions of the team members help the audience to obtain a deeper insight in the challenge faced by a team.


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