The main duty for an Entrepreneur is to innovate and invent in order to reach entrepreneurial success. Become successful Entrepreneur not only successful by itself, but inspire and leverage innovation to others for a whole better world. So, we introduce to you a metaphoric model to reach entrepreneurial success which inspire innovation that is, The ISTANA of Innovation!

Istana in Malay is a castle. The place where Kings and Queens reside. The leader of a nation. As an entrepreneur, we need to acknowledge that we are the kings and queens, the ISTANA is our innovation and our nation are our entrepreneurial success. Now, we use ISTANA as a metaphoric model to help us achieve our entrepreneurial success. Before you start any innovation, as an entrepreneur, imagine that you are a king and you enter your palace with the hope to strengthen your nation through innovation and invention.

Istana Roof

Leading and leverage with innovation. Innovation is always risky, but when successful, it can propel companies forward. The roof should protect the structure at any cost. Whether it be rain, the sun, or even an enemy attack. This means that it should cover everything, and everyone inside the ISTANA. This roof, represent your innovation. It is always on top, and it is always the last to be build. Because in order to have the roof, you need to have the base and the pillars. Your innovation should be uplift by the method of the solution and should solve the problem that you encounter. Specifically, your innovation should execute the solution and solve the problem, it should cover everything in your journey to entrepreneurial success.

Istana pillars

How to drive the creation of innovative products and services by cultivating creativity and risk-taking at all levels. Imagine the hole somehow weakened the structure of the ISTANA. Therefore, you need the pillars to strengthened it. The Pillars is the solution to the problem that is going to strengthen your idea. Now, the pillars in the ISTANA should strengthen the structure of the building. It should not be affected by the hole or the crack because it is the one that solve it. Therefore, the pillars represent the solution to the problem that you encounter in the first place. It does not represent your innovation; it should be the method of solution that your innovation going to use to reach your entrepreneurial success.

Istana hole

Letís imagine, you walk in your ISTANA, amazed by the history that it kept through the kings before you. But then, you see a crack, a hole, something that somehow weaken the structure of the ISTANA. This hole, this crack in the floor represents the problem that your innovation needs to solve because it blocks you from your entrepreneurial success. Even though a crack or a hole, a problem to be specific is not something likeable, it is somehow the starting point of our idea. Our innovation. Thatís is why it is at the floor. It became the base of the idea.





To summarize, this ISTANA represent your whole idea. But it represents it in 3 simple step.

Inspire Innovation

Method of Solution


But the imagination that occur in this metaphoric model have no limit. That is why it is Important. Never stop imagining because maybe someday, your imagination will be real. And it will solve all problem. Like a true Innompian!

Istana Startup business model - leverage innovation, inspire others





Real-Life Examples



Go Pro

Go Pro business model

Go Pro action camera was started by an extreme sport enthusiast. One day, he went surfing and he encounter a problem, he canít record himself and his friend surfing (A Hole in The Floor).

Therefore, he did some research and found a solution that, they need a camera near to them to record themselves doing sport, and the camera need to be tough to be near them doing extreme sport (Pillars of Faith).

So, he created a durable camera that is waterproof and action proof that can be strap to their equipment. (Roof of Protection).


Uber was created by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp to solve San Francisco taxi problem that is taxi driver and passenger are disconnected. Therefore, it is hard for them to communicate to each other. (A Hole in The Floor).

They were determined and decided that there need to be an easier and simpler way to communicate between passenger and the driver. (Pillars of Faith).

So, they created an app that ease drivers and passenger to contact each other and save the time of both drivers and passengers (Roof of Protection). The app not only solve their problem and uplift their solution, the app even contributed to decreasing the unemployment rate of their country.

Uber business model

Dr. Helper (created at IG 2019)

Dr. Helper healthcare business model

Last year, Malaysian team created Dr Helper. A software equipped with mechanism to help doctors perform surgery and any medical practice. We created this based on one crucial problem. That is the high rate of medical error globally (A Hole in The Floor).

We decided that every doctor needs a helper. Even though we know that doctors have nurses, we insist that doctors need another assistant that know doctoral practices and are not fond to human error (Pillars of Faith).

Therefore, we created Doctor Helper a software equipped with scanners and a computer monitor that shows doctors all the crucial procedure and it also monitors if everything is done correctly (Roof of Protection).







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