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Metaphoric Model for Entrepreneurial Success



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Metaphoric Model for
Entrepreneurial Success A-to-Z / 360


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Your Invention

The description of your invention should contain:

One-page executive summary (name + image + executive summary)

② Optional: Real-life application examples (not mandatory, but examples would help illustrate usability of your metaphoric concept)




Written description, 1 or 2 pages



Contest Dates

1 Jul − 15 Nov




Assessment Criteria


① Inventiveness ② Comprehensiveness ③ Usability

Overall Mark




Sample Metaphoric Model for Entrepreneurial Success



Metaphoric Wood Screw Model of Entrepreneurial SuccessEntrepreneurial Success The Tree holistic metaphoric modelMetjaphoric FOOTBALL Model of Entrepreneurial Success



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Metaphoric Model for Entrepreneurial Success

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Other Awards

The marks received in the 'Metaphoric Model for Entrepreneurial Success' contest will be taken into account when defining award winners in the categories Inventor, Holistic Creativity, Entrepreneurial Strategies, and Business Design.




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