Noble Goal

To inspire citizens to keep the city clean







Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes investigates pollution cases, discovers who the polluters are and why they pollute




Darth Vader

Darth Vader, a respected strong and wise warrior, causes polluters to abandon bad practices.




SpongeBob, an optimistic, friendly, nice, happy, loyal, funny, hard-working, selfless, sweet, forgiving, and a very good-natured person, inspires others to embrace the CLEAN-CITY practices



Challenge and Solution



Our team launched a motivational CLEAN CITY campaign both through social networks and by leading by example.

Yet, Bart Simpson rebelled against this campaign − not because he was a villain, but because he was a rebel by his very nature. Bart Simpson offered Winnie the Pooh tons of honey candies provided the latter threw candy wrappers everywhere. The streets got filled in with candy wrappers quickly.

Yet, our team managed to turn this problem to a step to success.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was quick to find out who was the polluter, who masterminded the campaign and why. Sherlock explained the Bart Simson's motives to other team members.

Darth Vader

When Darth Vader approached Bart Simpson, the latter was expecting to get punished and prepared to rebel against it. Yet, Darth Vader, instead of being punisher, told Bart his own story of growing as a noble warrior. Bart understood, that he needed to become a noble rebel, not just a rebel.

At this moment, smiling and friendly SpongeBob walked in. He invited Bart Simpson to join the noble CLEAN CITY campaign and rebel against pollution and polluters.

Bart Simpson thought for a minute, and then he said to us, "OK. I'll become a partner of your CLEAN CITY team. What should I do?"





Mark given by Jury: 8.33