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Dennis Kotelnikov

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Social Media Marketing (SMM): 2030 Forecast



Which customer needs and related businesses will fade out?

What new customer needs and related businesses will fade in?







By 2030, social networking and social media marketing (SMM) will move to the next curve of the virtuous spiral of their development.


At the previous curve of social networking, when Facebook introduced the 'Like' button, people loved to like everything. Nowadays, that first feeling has gone. People give their 'Likes' in a more conscious and selective way.


At the current curve of social networking many people are in love with 'Hei, that's me!' photos and stories. Low-value blogs are popular, and their authors earn good money by advertising various brands and products.

This social media addiction and rootless passion for low-value photos and stories will wade by 2030. Most blog readers will get fed up with shallow posts and stop paying attention to them. Advertisers will realise that their association with value-poor bloggers causes damage to their brand and stop engaging them.

'Hei, that's me' social business will die.


From 'Hei, that's me' curve blogging will move to the next 'Hei, that's you' curve.

Higher-level bloggers will focus on creating an outstanding high value for their readers and help them grow personally and/or professionally.

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They will do so whole-heartedly, not in a 'I-help-you-to-promote-myself' way that many bloggers pursue currently.

People will learn to see the difference between sincere loving creators and selfish pretenders easily.

Advertisers will also treat these higher-level bloggers differently − not as money-making machines, but as a great asset of their positive brand image.

Higher-level bloggers will promote their offerings in a white-marketing way − they will be helpers, not sellers.




Award Winner



Dennis won 'Futures Thinking' award at World Innompic Games 2020.

His 'Social Media Marketing Forecast 2030' was included in the 'Future World 2025-2050' predictions published by 1world1way

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Dennis Kotelnikov


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Success is not a destination, it is a launching pad that helps pursue the next, more challenging stretch goal.

Dennis Kotelnikov