If I were to create my own social system, all I would do is to provide a wisdom space to creating opportunities for the people. This virtual space I will name it as ‘The Heart of Online Business’.

Designer of a Social System award certificate Siti Zaleha, KPMSI, Malaysia, World Innompic Games 2021


This space is fully focused on accelerating the digital transformation of the nation and integrated with technology, providing equitable online business knowledge and opportunities to the people and to support small businesses. This space is emphasis on shared knowledge and training on tips and tricks doing simple online business, a program which enables citizens, especially low-income groups, single mothers, to generate additional income by doing online business assignments via this social system.

These spaces provide a shared knowledge, tools, and know-how information to take that digital leap. This includes facilitating new digital skills training and online zero cost marketing shared by educators, students and practitioner. All the nations can pick up the skills and have connections to help grow their business in the rapidly expanding throughout the internet.

~ Siti Zaleha






Siti Zaleha is the Assistant Malaysia National Coordinator for Innompics. Siti was a mentor of Malaysia KPMSI teams at 1st Malaysia Innompic Games and 3rd and 4th World Innompic Games. KMPSI Team 2019 won World Best Innompic Team award. At 2nd World Innompic Games, Siti was a mentor of UnKL International team and received the 'Best Mentor' award.

Siti served as a Jury at several World Innompic Games.

KPMSI Malaysia Innompic Team, World Innompic Games 2020, Siti Zaleha team mamager


Siti Zaleha  Binti Haji Mohd Rajoli, Malaysia KPMSI

Innompic Games make the World better. I'm proud and happy to volunteer my best efforts to help Innompics to pursue their noble mission.