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Design a Social System (half-page essay)

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Benefits of Innompic Games

Hone your value creation, social intelligence, design thinking, and leadership skills

Provide inspiration to designers of real-life social systems




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Suggested focus areas

Talent Incubation

Leveraged Diversity

Knowledge-Sharing & Collaboration

Learning & Intellectual Cross-pollination

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Health & Wellbeing

You may also choose any other theme you are passionate about.


"If you were to create your own social system, what would you do...?"

Write a half-page essay




Social system is the patterned network of relationships constituting a coherent whole that exist between individuals, groups, and institutions.

Within a single organization, the social system includes all the people in it and their relationships to one another and to the outside world.





Purpose. The noble Innompic vision and mission inspire and unite Innompians. The vision of Innompics is to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators. The mission is to help people to unlock their unlimited capabilities for innovation.

Benefits. The benefits of being a member of the Innompic social system are multidimensional. Individuals, families and groups socialize, learn and grow faster and joyfully.

Shared Values. Clearly defined shared values shape Innompic culture, engender trust, link people together and inspire social entrepreneurship.

Brand Attributes. Inspiring brand attributes such Innompic vision, slogan, anthem, and gesture, are 'small giants' that unite people in a unique way.

Leveraged Diversity. All-inclusive culture- and gender-friendly Innompic social system leverages diversity. People of all ages and passions have a role to play.

Social Network. Web-based innovative two-dimensional Innompic social system helps Innompians both communicate and grow.

All-Win Games. Regular all-win Innompic Games are peak emotional events that make the Innompic social system more vibrant exciting and uniting.

Harmony. Innompic social system is designed using the metaphorical Tree model and by harmonising energies of Yin-Yang and 5 Basic Elements.





Social System Ideas by IG 2021 participants



Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe

Social Network for Loving Creators

Peter Chikumba


Emmanuel Ndonga, Kenya

Innompics Africa − Social System

Emmanuel Ndonga

Kenya flag Innompic Games

Кирилл Иванов Украина Kyrill Ivanove Ukraine

Social System that Helps People with Mental Disorders

Kyrill Ivanov


Vladimir Pavlov, Russia GramdPas team, spiritual loveful writer, Innompic Games

Love, Unity, Peace

Vladimir Pavlov





Award Certificates




 Designer of a Social System award certificate Siti Zaleha, KPMSI, Malaysia, World Innompic Games 2021Designer of a Social System award certificate Nasrul Jalaludin, UniKL, Malaysia, World Innompic Games 2021

Designer of a Social System: Innompics Africa - award certificate Ginga Emile Ande, Cameroon, World Innompic Games 2021Designer of a Social System: Free Garden award certificate Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, World Innompic Games 2021