The greatest challenge of our time is to address the current climate change and its triggers at all levels and through all sections of the population. Many people do not know where it comes from, who can do something, how people should behave sustainably, and why business is the biggest impact influencer. Moreover, acting sustainable in business is very complex with its three dimensions: Economy, Society and Environment.

Sustainability have to be understood by the general population, and sustainable business have to become global. Therefore, I would invent and develop an international employer rating platform. In this platform employing institutions (such as companies, organizations and public administration) are rated according to easy-to-understand social, environmental and economic metrics.

9 (3x3) meaningful metrics would give everyone a picture of the state of sustainable action or management.

The key figures are chosen in a way that they can be understood by all employees and are in balance in the three dimensions mentioned above. All employees would rate their (past and) current employers. The ratings would be published together with the employer's presentation in a platform for all interested stakeholders (especially applicants, partners and competitors).

In this way, it quickly becomes clear which companies, organizations or even which public administration already act sustainably, and who needs to become more sustainable in the specific dimension.

It is also possible that they already act sustainably, but do not communicate this: My motto is "Do good and talk about it". With a public pressure (about the rating and rankings) can be worked on both communication and a broad understanding for people. In my vision, employers will do everything they can to get a better rating and look better e.g. for employer branding activities. Many will be thinking about these issues for the first time because they will be challenged to address them. At the same time, the economic and social transformation towards a climate-neutral future is being shaped. By the people. Through employees. And by all readers of the ratings. Because it says here:

Copying of sustainable activities is strictly allowed.

In Germany alone, a poor 44% of the population are workers (children and pensioners are excluded). Worldwide, at least 50% of the population could be reached directly with my idea and decisively influenced to rethink.

For a better future for all.

~ Mirjam Gawellek






Mirjam Gawellek helps companies to find their strategy to achieve the four sustainable goals and make their sustainable business transformation happen.



Mirjam Gawellek, Germany, Sustainability Expert

Everyone said it couldn't be done. Then someone came along who didn't know that and just did it.

Mirjam Gawellek




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